Dragon Front brings collectible card gaming to virtual reality

‘It’s like I’m really opening booster packs!’

I am absolutely not a collectible card game dude, but I don’t need to be to understand the innate appeal of that type of head-to-head, competitive experience in virtual reality. Living cards on a 3D board? Yeah, sure, cool. That more or less describes Dragon Front, an upcoming high-fantasy-meets-dieselpunk online multiplayer title for Oculus Rift and GearVR.

It’s in development at High Voltage Software, which may sound familiar depending on your gaming tastes circa 2009. The studio is best known for The Conduit, a notable first-person shooter for Wii, but it has more recently contributed to series like Saints Row and Mortal Kombat.

Do we wanna hit those bullet points? Let’s do it real quick. There are “80 characters, 80 different encampments, and more than 100 spells” spread across the game’s factions.

See? Painless. Now you can shut off your brain and hear some cards taunt each other.

It’s no Magic the Gathering, Hearthstone, or even Yu-Gi-Oh, but Dragon Front does have the advantage of being among the first to market in the VR space. I can see it doing all right.

Introducing Dragon Front: The First CCG for VR Coming to Rift [Oculus]

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