Dragon confirmed in Demon’s Souls, breathes fire

From Software disappointed with Ninja Blade on Xbox 360, but it has a chance to redeem itself with the medieval-flavored Demon’s Souls on PS3. This PlayStation exclusive looks really pretty, but the amount of gameplay we’ve seen is limited, despite the game being available over in Japan Land.

Luckily, one our resident Community Bloggers has set us straight and provided confirmation of a fire-breathing dragon that flaps around a bit during one point of the game. The twenty-four seconds of questionable-quality footage does not show or do very much of anything at all, but it’s an exclusive console title, and that means fanboys will want to absorb any and all information they can, even if it’s silly. 

So, dig in and feast upon this hot exclusive video of a dragon that flaps around a bit for twenty-four seconds and then goes away!

Also, our CBlogger seems quite impressed with the game, naming the dragon’s appearance as just one “oh sh*t” moment out of many. Sounds like Demon’s Souls has a good shot of being far better than Ninja Blade

Hit the jump for the hot, juicy, mindblowing video.

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Jim Sterling