dragon ball fighterz version 1.32 rollback delay

Dragon Ball FighterZ update launches today, rollback beta delayed

Version 1.32 rolling into battle today

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Bandai Namco is releasing a new update for its stalwart anime scrapper Dragon Ball FighterZ, the dazzling, still-popular fighting title should be updated to Version 1.32 today across all platforms and territories.

Universal changes across the board see a reduced cooldown on C-Type Z Assists, as well as Ki Gauge adjustments for a handful of characters, namely Hit, Janemba, Vegito, Fused Zamasu Blue Gogeta Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta, and the notoriously powerful Lab Coat Android 21. In addition to these changes, almost the entire roster has received their own individual tweaks — positively or negatively, depending on your viewpoint. You can check out the full patch notes right here. (Use browser translator)

In a little bit of bad news, Bandai Namco also announced that it has had to delay its upcoming rollback netcode beta, which was to be used to test the enhanced connectivity of online matches.

“In regards to the Rollback Netcode implementation, we made an announcement earlier this year that a Beta Test will be carried out on Steam around Spring. However, to further improve and stabilize the experience of the feature, we have decided to postpone the timing of the test,” reads a statement from the dev team.

“We apologize for the delay, but the team here is committed to delivering the feature in its best shape, so we hope that players would wait a little longer for further updates regarding timings of the beta test.”

Dragon Ball FighterZ, which first launched back in January 2018, has been able to maintain a long life as well as retain a healthy competitive community. This is not only due to the popularity of the DBZ branding itself but also due to Arc System Works meticulous effort in crafting an exciting and engaging fighter that appeals to Dragon Ball fans and fighting game fans who are yet to see a single episode. The title has survived the coming and going of multiple releases from “bigger” fight franchises.

Dragon Ball FighterZ is available now on PlayStation, PC, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch platforms.

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