Dragon Ball FighterZ shows off adult Gohan after he grows out of his Great Saiyaman phase

Watching this kid grow up in the series itself was magical

Dragon Ball FighterZ just announced its most recent trio of combatants — Gotenks, Kid Buu, and adult Gohan — and now we’re getting a brief look at the latter.

While we don’t have hard mechanical evidence his moveset seems pretty standard, but I’m really interested in that crossup move at 0:13 that looks a lot like Axl from Guilty Gear‘s Raieisageki. It might not be the sexiest trailer yet but he’ll be one of the first people I’ll try when I boot the game up.

If you count adult Gohan, the fighter count is now up to 20. Dragon Ball FighterZ will be released on January 26, 2018.

Chris Carter
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