Dragon Ball FighterZ patch 1.10 lets me post another picture of Android 21

Here she is, with cake

Arc System Works’ have dropped a new update for their excellent tag team anime brawler Dragon Ball FighterZ, which brings a huge selection of fixes to the game’s roster, stages and general mechanics.

Not only have alterations been made to multiple fighters across the board, including Android 18, Piccolo, Broly and new challenger Fused Zamasu, but lots fixes have been implemented pertaining to the game’s training mode, live commentary, Ki Gauge, stage animations and more.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Ver. 1.10 is live now,. You can check out the full patch notes below.

Arcade Mode:
-Fixed an issue where Finish Bonus values aren’t correct when finishing with certain moves, eg: Trunks’ Cyclone Buster, Gotenks’ Charging Ultra Volleyball, Freeza’s Sorbet’s Ray Gun.
Training Mode:
-Fixed an issue where the recorded inputs are not displayed properly when using horizontal inputs using one or two members in the opponent team.
-Fixed an issue where the inputs of Repeat Attack option gets reversed after performing Ginyu’s Body Change to either the 2nd or the 3rd character in Practice.


Android 18:
-Fixed an issue where the latter explosive part of ‘Energy Wave’ sometimes misses even when the first parts hits.
-Fixed an issue where Dragon Rush doesn’t launch an opponent in certain situation.

Zamasu (Fused):
-Fixed an issue where Zamasu’s position is slightly off when grabbed by Android 16’s Dynamite Driver.

Vegito (SSGSS):
-Fixed an issue where the effect of Vegito’s Omega Finishing Blow stays longer on the screen when connecting Vegito’s Omega Finishing Blow to Goku Black’s God Slicer Dance with Ultimate Z Change.
-The wind effect of Vegito’s Omega Finishing Blow partially remains when Ultimate Z changed into Goku Black right before the Omega Finishing Blow hits an opponent.
-Fixed an issue where an opponent floats in an invulnerable state when hitting the opponent and the opponent’s assist character at the same time with Vegito’s Crouching Special or Jump Special and canceling it.
-Fixed an issue where advance inputs aren’t available when hitting an opponent with Vegito’s Crouching Special and Jump Special.

Android 21:
-Fixed an issue where an opponent doesn’t disappear with the star blink when launched with the ground Dragon Rush.
-Fixed an issue  where Android 21’s Homing Energy Blast doesn’t change its target even after a Z change (also fixed for Piccolo).
-Fixed an issue where the direction Homing Energy Blast pushes back an opponent doesn’t reverse even when characters’ position are switched (also fixed for Piccolo).

-Fixed issues with the stage destruction scenes (colors, glitches…) when performing Broly’s Gigantic Meteor (R2/RT Button version) and Z change before an opponent is K.O.ed.
-Fixed an issue where the explosion effect of Broly’s Eraser Blow moves rapidly in horizontal direction when clashed in certain timing.

Goku (SSGSS):
-Fixed an issue where the camera movement is incorrect when launching an opponent with Goku (SSGSS)’s aerial Dragon Rush.

Gohan (Adult):
-Fixed an issue where Jumping Light Attack whiffs when performed against Goku Black right after Dragon Rush.

-Fixed an issue where an opponent’s Ki gauge increases more when K.O.ed with God of Destruction’s Judgment and special cut scene.
-Fixed an issue where Ki gauge increases when the heavy version of Sphere of Destruction hits an opponent.

-Fixed an issue where Piccolo’s Z Assist doesn’t fire the Homing Energy Blast when performed while Majin Buu’s Fat Throw is hitting an opponent.
-Fixed an issue where Piccolo’s Z Assist doesn’t fire the Homing Energy Blast when performed while Android 16’s grabbing an opponent with Flying Powerbomb.
-Fixed an issue where Piccolo’s Homing Energy Blast doesn’t change its target even after a Z change (also fixed for Android 21).
-Fixed an issue where the direction Homing Energy Blast pushes back an opponent doesn’t reverse even when characters’ positions are switched (also fixed for Android 21).

Goku Black:
-Fixed an issue where some Goku Black’s mirror images are partially displayed off screen when performing The Work of a God at a very high position.

-Fixed an issue where Trunks’ animation becomes strange when hitting an opponent with Shining Slash after K.O. or time up.

Majin Buu:
-Fixed an issue where the size of the wrapping effect of Majin Buu’s Fat Slow is based on the first character when hitting an opponent at an instant Z change is performed.

Other Fixes:

Live Commentary:
-Fixed an issue where live commentary is played too early when Beerus grabs an opponent with his Meteor Attack.
-Fixed an issue where an audio comment related to Beerus VS Zamasu is played while Goku Black is played (‘I-I don’t believe this! Zamasu has vanished!’)

-Fixed an issue where all buildings in the background collapses simultaneously when Z reflecting energy balls after performing following moves: Majin Buu’s Now Buu really…hate you!, Android 16’s Hell Flash Maximum Output and Last Resort, Android 21’s Excellent Full Course and Sweet Tooth.

-Fixed an issue where voice were not played correctly when performing Dragon Rush (Forced Switch) then Dragon Rush again right after.

Z Change:
-Fixed a glitch when pressing Forward + Attack button + Assist button simultaneously to Z change while jumping.
-Fixed an issue where a character is in the transitioning frame to a jump motion.

Ultimate Z Change:
-When finishing an opponent with Ultimate Z change using the Meteor Attacks listed below, the Assist gauge becomes unavailable for certain period of time at the start of next round:
-Android 21’s Sweet Tooth
-Majin Buu’s Turn into Candy!
-Beerus’ God of Destruction’s Judgment when the special K.O. cut scene is triggered against Goku Black and Zamasu (Fused)

-Fixed an issue where assist characters leave the screen without taking the K.O. motion when defeated by Jump Heavy Attack. (Even though they are defeated).

Ki Gauge:
-Fixed an issue where Ki gauge stops increasing when hitting an opponent with something like trap type projectiles while a player character is performing the press-and-hold Vanish move in Sparking! state

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