Dragon Ball FighterZ is the fastest selling Dragon Ball title ever

Sales, predictably, went Super Saiyan

Bandai Namco have released a statement proudly announcing that Dragon Ball FighterZ, which launched last week, is already the fastest-selling Dragon Ball video game of all time.

The team-based scrapper, developed by anime fighting vets Arc System Works, released to worldwide plaudits. The game has already shipped — and digitally sold — over two million total units. While I won’t ruffle feathers by making comparisons for perspective, that’s a helluva lot of copies of an anime fighter, and in less than a week.

More shocking, DBFZ hasn’t even been released in Japan and Asia yet. Launching today, it’s sure to add many more coffers to the Bandai Namco bank vault. It should also be noted that, like Tekken 7 before it, DBFZ is one of the few fighting game titles to see availability on three major platforms, PS4, Xbox One and PC.

The figures thus far are well deserved. Dragon Ball FighterZ is an excellent title. When I first got my hands on it at last Summer’s VS Fighting tournament, I was convinced it would be a winner. Now the sales — the easy part — is sorted. Keeping the community alive and vested going forward? that’s the real battle.

Dragon Ball FighterZ digital sales and units shipped [Press statement]

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