Dragon Age ‘will begin to come of age’ a year out

Like a fine wine, Dragon Age: Origins may get better with age.

Curious to what the future of Origins’ content holds, I asked the game’s online producer Fernando Melo what he expects to see from Origins a year from now. And then two. And then three.

He thinks that a year out, the game will “begin to come of age,” as the team steadily reveals more and more pieces of the narrative’s tapestry.

“Honestly,” he told me via e-mail, “looking at Dragon Age as a franchise, that kind of timeframe (a year plus) is really when DA will begin to come of age (if you pardon the pun).

“As we release more content, I think that is the earliest that players will begin to clearly see all the pieces start to weave together, and that will be incredibly exciting to observe as a developer.”

And Melo believes that with this kind of time, the mod community will begin to start putting out consumable — or at least “their best” — content.

“Plus on a separate but integral path,” he tells me, “I am fully expecting that we’ll see the modding community releasing some of their best content by then. The Dragon Age toolset and the modding scene for DA will have matured, and that’s something I’m really excited to see the results of.”

Brad BradNicholson