Dragon Age: The Last Court available now, free*

Some jumping through Origin hoops, naturally

Dragon Age: The Last Court is meant to bridge the gap between Dragon Age II and the upcoming Dragon Age: Inquisition. The story-driven, text-based RPG is playable now provided you log in with an Origin ID. 

Of course, this is EA, so a bit of throwaway lore and background that only the biggest Dragon Age fans would care about comes with microtransactions.

You have a bank of twenty actions, and regain one every twenty minutes. If you want to play more quickly you can purchase Dawn to refresh your actions. You can also spend Dawn for a second chance if you fail, or to quicken your access to lucrative Market Day cards.”

Of course, “it is not necessary to buy Dawn to complete the game and you won’t miss out on any content if you don’t purchase any.” Things’ll be just a little more annoying. 

Steven Hansen