Dragon Age: Origins special edition has night vision sausage

BioWare happened to Tweet a link to this Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Collector’s Edition unboxing on Youtube. At first we wondered what the Hell it was, since it looked incredibly ghetto. Then it dawned on us what happened, and we saw what they did there.

They actually had me going up to the unveiling of the dragon sausage. 

Although this is a rather silly parody of the Modern Warfare 2 special edition shenanigans (courtesy of The Guild), I kind of wish that the actual collector’s edition of Dragon Age came with a night vision sausage. I’m incredibly hyped for this game anyway, but a stick of glistening meat would just tip me over the edge. 

Hit the jump for the video. Oh, and see if you can’t check out the Dragon Age preview novel if you’re interested in this game. It’s surprisingly enjoyable stuff.

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