Dragon Age: Origins has specifications, we look at them

Dragon Age: Origins won’t hit retail shelves until late October, but that’s not stopping us from ogling the PC specifications for the title BioWare recently released. As you can see below, the recommended specs aren’t out of this realm: you’ll just need some hardcore disk space and a new-ish video card in order to play.

Recommended Specifications
CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad 2.4Ghz Processor or equivalent
RAM: 4 GB (Vista) or 2 GB (XP)
Video: ATI 3850 512 MB or greater
NVIDIA 8800GTS 512 MB or greater
DVD ROM (Physical copy)
20 GB HD space

If you plan to roll with the PC version of the game, it’s probably best to stick with the above. You don’t want the game to bug out during a particularly sexy or gory scene. No sense in depriving yourself of the game’s bread and butter.

[via Kotaku]

Brad BradNicholson