Dragon Age: Inquisition deals for Origin & Xbox One (updated for release)

Just stay clear of me Alistair

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On Tuesday, November 18 BioWare’s Dragon Age Inquisition makes its debut on all major videogame platforms for the usual $59.99. I’m optimistic and hopeful about the game in the face of recent decent reviews (as long as Alistair appearances are light in numbers – but that’s just me though).

For this week, a few retailers are offering some pretty impressive decent incentives to get you to pre-order through them. Below is the breakdown.

Above deals updated one last time on 12/18/2014.

PC Deal Details

GMG is running a “VIP” sale that includes several pre-orders and recent releases with discounts larger than you’d expect. In order to see these discounts, you’ll need to login to your GMG account or create one. The discount will only display on this page, where you can add to cart by clicking “Pre-purchase” below the Dragon Age: Inquisition image. Searching for the Dragon Age: Inquisition game on GMG will strangely NOT take you to the discount price.

If you were looking for a deal on the Digital Deluxe Edition, unfortunately you’re out of luck. Origin has a monopoly on the Digital Deluxe download, so we don’t expect to see it selling for below the $69.99 list price any time soon. (We suspect you’ll see savings near Black Friday and Christmas, though.) The only other way to obtain the PC Digital Deluxe is by ordering a physical copy through GameStop or Amazon, where there are again no discounts or bonus offers available.

For those who prefer a more traditional retailer, GameStop is also carrying the Origin-activated PC download version. The 15% pre-order coupon is good until Inquisition’s release, and as with GMG, you’ll likely receive the game code in time to pre-load before launch.

Xbox One Deal Details

The Microsoft Store is running the only known bonus offer for Dragon Age Inquisition, and it’s exclusive to the Xbox One console version. On this page, you’ll notice the Microsoft Store is offering a $10 bonus Xbox gift card for pre-ordering through them. The offer gets even better if you’re an Xbox Live Rewards Member (free sign up here). So long as your Microsoft Store and Xbox Live accounts match up, you’ll receive 15,000 Xbox Live Rewards points for pre-ordering – a $15 value.

On top of that, if you pre-order through the Microsoft Store, you’re eligible for free release day arrival shipping. You’ll need to complete your order by Friday, November 14th at 2pm Pacific to receive the guarantee delivery by November 18th.

Strangely, these bonus offers are only available for the Standard Edition of Dragon Age Inquisition for the Xbox One. The Microsoft Store sells the Xbox 360 and Xbox One Digital Deluxe Editions but doesn’t offer the same incentives. Bummer that.

Pre-order Bonus for Dragon Age Inquisition

Pre-ordering the game also gets you the “Flames of the Inquisition” weapons arsenal. Choose between a slick-looking staff, daggers, bow, great sword, and shield for some aesthetically pleasing tools of destruction.

The deals above expire at varying times. Microsoft’s Xbox One offer runs through Monday, November 17th, but remember to pre-order by Friday, November 14th at 2pm Pacific to ensure release day delivery. We’re not sure exactly when GMG’s sale on Dragon Age Inquisition will end, but we expect it to run through the weekend before the November 18th release. GameStop’s coupon ends the minute the game is released and is no longer a pre-order.