Dragon Age II DLC already announced, The Exiled Prince

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It’s almost become self-parody, but BioWare has revealed the first bit of downloadable content for Dragon Age II long before the game itself has launched. It’s called The Exiled Prince and it features a “new” companion with “new” sidequests. 

I say “new” in quotes because, at this stage, every single bloody thing in Dragon Age II is new. It’s hard to boast that DLC contains “new” content in a game that hasn’t been played by anybody yet. 

Nevertheless, this content will be free to those who pre-order the game’s Signature Edition, with others being to purchase it for $7.00/560 MS points after launch. 

You can check out the trailer if you want. The content may very well be cool, but when you truly think about this, it’s utterly absurd, no matter how justified the reasoning may be.

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