Dragon Age has zombies, new screens prove it (Update)

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Because no day would be complete without screenshots of zombies, we present to you these newly released images from BioWare’s Dragon Age: Origins. Feel free to take a few seconds to stare at the majesty of the armored undead in the header above. So beautiful and delightfully vicious. (If you feel particularly frisky, check out more shots in the gallery.)

In case you didn’t know, the PC version of the RPG was delayed until the end of the year, presumably in order set to ship with the console versions of the title. The wait may suck, but it gives BioWare more time to refine the title. Who knows, the vaunted developer may be creating additional, diverse plot arcs right now as you read this. Of course, they could also be crafting enhanced zombie facial textures. I’m tempted to put money down on both.

(Update: We just got our hands on a hot, new video for the game. Hit the break. It rocks.)

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