Dragon Age: Awakening: Meet Velanna and her army of Ents

With an anticipated release date of March 16, Dragon Age: Origins — Awakening is ramping up the hype quite nicely. Today, we get a short introduction to Velanna, who joins the previously-featured Anders in the “Guild of Mages Who Totally Have Some Beef With Everybody.”

I’m glad to have more mages available to me in Awakening — between Alistair, Sten, Oghren, Shale, and the warhound (I named mine Nanook), the original was on warrior overload.

As you’ll see, this “trailer,” is only about 40 seconds long. Literally, the only other thing there is to say about Velanna is that she’s a elf and that her leather corset looks equal parts inpractical, uncomfortable, and unflattering. If you’re desperate for more info, there are some screens in the gallery, and Muscles Nicholson recently conducted a fine interview with producer Fernando Melo.

And if you have the same type of fetishistic obsession with Dragon Age: Origins that I’ve developed over the past two weeks, check out Amaranthine, a new area introduced in Awakening and The Facehuggers Children, who give me nightmares.

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