Dragon Age 2 PC DRM is … fairly reasonable

Electronic Arts, a company famous for persisting with the hated SecuROM DRM, has been cleaning up its act recently, and nowhere is this more apparent then with the upcoming Dragon Age 2. In fact, the anti-theft measures included in the BioWare sequel are damn reasonable. 

The digital version of the game will use Steam’s DRM system and nothing else. You download via Steam, you simply deal with what Valve’s always done. The retail version has no installation limit and no disk check. There are occasional online checks, and while the game can be played offline, you’ll need to “check in” every few days. 

Up to five PCs can play a single copy of the game at once. No more than that can be activated within a 24-hour period. 

While having to “check in” with a corporation grates on my idealistic, freedom-loving nerves, the overall situation seems to be rather pleasant. I like it when publishers realize that paying customers shouldn’t automatically be treated like thieves and are worth at least compromising with.

[Via BioWare’s Forums]

James Stephanie Sterling