‘Dracula’ show from ‘Sherlock’ duo coming to Netflix and BBC

Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss are back to potentially mess up another iconic character

Former Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat has his next project lined up—reteaming with Sherlock co-creator (and Mycroft Holmes performer) Mark Gatiss, the duo will be developing their own take on Dracula to air on BBC in the United Kingdom and Netflix everywhere else in a co-production between the two companies.

Variety reported on the project over a year ago, but the series has officially been greenlit by the networks as of today. Rather than a modern take like Sherlock or Moffat’s previous miniseries Jekyll, this new Dracula show will be set in 1897, revolving around the titular vampire character in Victorian London. Like Sherlock, episodes will be 90-minutes long, with an initial order of three episodes.

It isn’t particularly news to excite the masses—the last two series of Sherlock (series 4 in particular) were not received well by fans or critics. Plus, after six seasons of Moffat’s Doctor Who, everyone’s particularly savvy to the writer’s reoccurring habits and tropes. Personally, while I’m Sherlocked out and had problems with Moffat’s Who run, his last few episodes of Doctor Who with Peter Capaldi did stick the landing for me.

I’m also somewhat doubtful that a series about Dracula is exactly what the people want. On the bright side, at least it isn’t the Dark Universe.

‘Dracula’ Series From ‘Sherlock’ Team to Launch on BBC and Netflix [Variety]

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