Dr. Ned needs a few bodies to clean up some zombies

Borderlands DLC “The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned” is set to launch rather soon, as in tomorrow soon, over Xbox LIVE and PSN. As announced moons ago, this first bit of content has players traveling to Dr. Ned’s trashy island in order to purge the place of its zombies, pumpkin-head-dudes, Tankensteins, and other colorful enemies.

According to the 2K marketing folk, game owners should expect dozens of new missions and several more hours of play with this DLC. But don’t go into this expecting new weapons or a higher level cap. Neither of these things are going to happen to our knowledge.

Regardless, the content looks like a blast. The latest teaser (shown above) showcases some of the Halloween-themed locales, including a bent Jaokob’s facility and a twisted graveyard — two places we’re eager to beserk through on the morrow depending on how our zombie-saturation meter reads. Green means good to go. Orange? Not so much.

Brad BradNicholson