Nintendo is shutting down Dr. Mario World on November 1

The doctor won’t see you now

Nintendo has announced Dr. Mario World will shut down this fall. The block-busting mobile title will finally cease taking appointments on November 1, at which point the game will become entirely unplayable. In addition, in-game currency “Diamonds” will no longer be purchasable as of today.

Originally launched on iOS and Android in July 2019, Dr. Mario World was a cheerful and colorful revisit to a Super Mario franchise that had somewhat fallen by the wayside in recent times. Much like the NES and Game Boy classics, Dr. Mario World tasks players with defeating “viruses” via the placement of a variety of color-coded pills. Very unlike the NES and Game Boy classics, Dr. Mario World also featured in-game currencies, stamina mechanics, and microtransactions.

The pocket-sized puzzler would go on to become one of Nintendo’s worst-performing mobile titles in regards to revenue, pulling in somewhere in the region of $13 million USD in its two-year lifetime. Of course, that’s a ton of cash to you and I, but to Nintendo — who has raked in shy of $900 million with Fire Emblem Heroes — this amount will not be enough to consider Dr. Mario World a success, hence the impending shutdown.

A special “Dr. Mario World Memories” web page is being created in order to record the stats and history of the playerbase.

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