Dr. Donkey Kong will see you now in Dr. Mario World

Take 26 bananas and call me in the morning

A selection of new medical experts are heading to Nintendo’s mobile puzzle game Dr. Mario World, allowing players to harness the medicinal experience and anatomy expertise of a selection of classic franchise stars

Dr. Donkey Kong and Dr. Diddy Kong are joining the game’s roster today as selectable doctors. Dr. Donkey Kong’s ability allows him to drop barrels on areas of the playfield to clear out germs, while Dr. Diddy Kong can split dual capsules into two separate capsules, allowing for better block management. Joining the Kongs are a selection of new assistants: Boo, Goombrat, Scuttlebug and Wiggler, each of whom have unique abilities when used in stage play or multiplayer mode.

Dr. Mario World is available now on iOS and Android devices.

Dr. Mario World trailer introduces Dr Donkey Kong and new assistants [Siliconera]

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