Dr. Chaos is screwed: Photo-hunt game Interpol hits Xbox LIVE this week

It looks like TikiGame’s Interpol: The Trail of Dr. Chaos is coming to Xbox LIVE this week for 800 Microsoft Points. 

Interpol is pretty simple in design, essentially a glorified “photo hunt” game that has you picking out hidden objects from crime scenes using an on-screen magnifying glass. It’s all wrapped in a narrative that has you traveling around the world as hunt down the evil Dr. Chaos, finding “clues” in locales like San Francisco, Hong Kong, and more. The game features cooperative play both online and off and is actually a bit of fun with friends, despite its simple premise and lack of nudie pictures (bar touch-screen games FTW).

According to the game’s Xbox.com splash page, Interpol is being published by Microsoft, who apparently picked up the game after the game’s former publisher, Sierra, went bye-bye earlier this year.

Before you ask, yes, this game is a lot like the Nintendo DS title Mystery Case Files: MillionHeir.

[Via GamerBytes]

Nick Chester