Downwell is falling onto Android devices today

Android has a new best roguelike

We all seem to love mobile rogue-lite Downwell here at Destructoid, what with it getting both a 10/10 score in Steven’s review and winning our mobile game of the year award. It’s just a shame that up to now it’s been an iOS exclusive on mobile devices, which means everybody on Android phones has been left out in the cold.

Fortunately, developer Moppin has unceremoniously announced on Twitter that Downwell will finally be heading to Android devices today (January 27). Price hasn’t been confirmed yet, but both the PC and iOS version cost $2.99.

Downwell is just fantastic. It has everything a decent mobile game should have: a clean art style, pick up and play mechanics, and a fiendishly challenging goal that hooks you in. If there’s ever a mobile game worth splashing out on, it’s this.

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