DoW II: Retribution contains new Last Stand map and hero

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Earlier today, Hamza told you about his recent experience with Dawn of War II: Retribution. Now, I’m here to spread the good word about something that’s got me feeling ecstatic. Even more so than usual!

As covered by the chaps at PC Gamer, Retribution will add the Lord General from the Imperial Guard to Last Stand mode’s roster. For those unaware, Last Stand was added post-launch to DoW II. It’s some of the absolute best free add-on content ever. What’s more, Retribution brings a brand new, harder map.

Considering my goal in life right now is to beat the oh-so-punishing final wave of Last Stand with fellow Destructoid writer Maurice — and then proceed to party for 12 hours straight — the increase in difficulty frightens me. On the flip side, those first ten waves are way too easy after a point. Bring it, Relic.

Oh, and March? Why the eff aren’t you here yet?

DoW2: Retribution adds a new hero and a brutal map to Last Stand [PC Gamer]

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