Doujin spin on Turrican, Contra coming to Steam

Steel Strider blasts off this fall

Chances are you’re unfamiliar with Astro Port, which is equal parts understandable and unfortunate.

Japanese independent studios don’t get lavished with attention (something we’re trying to change), and Astro Port’s wares aren’t exactly the flashiest games around. However, despite their spartan appearances, Gigantic Army and Supercharged Robot Vulkaiser both impressed me quite a bit.

Astro Port seems to have a knack for delivering nostalgia-drenched shoot-’em-ups, a trend that looks to continue with its latest effort to release in the West, Steel Strider.

Steel Strider seems very similar in appearance to Gigantic Army, though instead of paying homage to Cybernator, this one draws inspiration from run-and-gun games like Turrican and Super Contra.

Nyu Media is currently aiming to get the STG through Steam Greenlight before releasing it this fall.

Steel Stider [Steam Greenlight]

Kyle MacGregor Burleson