Double XP and increased drop rate in Killing Floor 2 this weekend

And a new update that increases bullet speed in Zed time!

Tripwire Interactive has been focusing its efforts on Killing Floor 2‘s new Versus mode for the last couple weeks. Using the recently-implemented Live Update system to try to balance has led to small changes being pushed out at a rapid pace, but some players have been wondering when they’d see more changes to the standard Survival mode.

Today, an update was pushed that increases the speed of bullets while in Zed time (slow-mo for the uninitiated) by three times. I tested this out really quick before writing this post and it feels fantastic. Previously, bullets were hit-scan when in regular motion and then became slow tracers in Zed time, which made leading targets difficult. Instead of feeling like a temporary boon, it ended up causing frustration when enemies just slowly side-stepped your death-dealing lead. There are other fixes that you can see below, including an adjustment on the amount of dosh earned when killing enemies.

To top it off, from Thursday, April 28th at 10AM PST / 1PM EST through Monday, May 2nd at 10AM PST /1PM EST, players will earn double experience for all perks. The cosmetic drop system will also be tweaked to allow for one item every 24 hours instead of around once a week. There’s also another map called KF-Museum on the Steam Workshop that was created by Tripwire level designer Matthew ‘Fever’ Lefevere. Time to level up my last few perks amidst priceless collectibles!

General Changes and Fixes:

  • Increased the speed of normal bullets (pistol, assault rifle, SMG) by 3x in ZED time. (Note: Visual effects for this change are still in progress)
  • Fixed issue with Siren Particle effects on low graphics
  • Fixed sensitivity sliders not have numbers
  • Fixed controller sensitivity setting not saving when changed via main menu
  • Fixed stalker keeping head while in headless state
  • Fixed pressing ‘B’ with a gamepad to open the trader sometimes causes it to automatically close
  • Increased minimum dosh amount when respawning on some difficulties
  • Increased starting dosh amount of dosh on some difficulties
  • Increased the overall amount of dosh earned by killing ZEDs across all difficulties by approximately 10%

Versus Changes and Fixes:

  • You can no longer start a solo versus game
  • Tweaked dosh and XP values for player zeds in Versus
  • Fixed executing “Changeteam” command while on a balanced team stops certain control inputs
  • XP and Dosh was not being awarded after killing human-controlled zeds in versus


Zack Furniss