Double Fine’s next game is about matryoshka dolls

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IGN has the exclusive on Double Fine’s next game, which just so happens to be another PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE Arcade title. This one is about those Russian stacking dolls and, well, it certainly looks (and sounds) intriguing.

Stacking, as it’s been appropriately named, involves capturing other dolls for their special abilities. It is set in a non-linear, 1930s-esque environment with the standard promise of multiple ways to go about solving puzzles. But don’t take my word for it — go watch the debut trailer.

This game will be releasing sometime next spring. Do they have your attention or are you too afraid to consider playing something so bizarrely original? I, for one, am glad Double Fine is doing this digital distribution experimentation.

The Skinny on Double Fine’s Next Game [IGN]

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