Double Fine hiring for ‘Original IP’

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Know any good senior gameplay prorammers or senior producers? If you do, you might want to let them know that Brutal Legend makers Double Fine are looking for people. You’ll also want to let those folks know that they’ll be working on an “original IP.”

As these things usually go, the Help Wanted listings do little to give us a picture of what they’re actually working on next, but we can hope its a new thing. Nothing against Brutal Legend or anything. From the listings we gathered that DF is gearing up for this original IP, to be developed at their San Francisco development studio. And if it means anything to you, the Producer jobs are asking that the applicant have experience with Xenon, PS2, Xbox and/or Gamecube development.

Yes, that bunny thing above is actually from Double Fine’s Jobs page

Double Fine Hiring For Work On “Original IP” [G4]

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