Dota 2 International prize pool is now the largest in eSports history

Plus, Faceless Rex courier!

The prize pool for the 2015 International Dota 2 tournament is now at $11,617,319, making it the largest eSports prize pool in history. The previous record was held by last year’s tournament, which capped off at $10,930,698. The crowdfunded prize pool has been running for 35 days, and will continue to run for another 65 before the total is finalized. Last year’s total didn’t stand a chance!

More importantly though, the Faceless Rex courier has been added to the game. It’s a dinosaur that looks like a tiny Faceless Void! Unfortunately, the only way to earn it is to open one of the new chests, the Collector’s Cache (clever, Valve), and be lucky enough to get it as an “extremely rare” drop, which is 1/250. Some players are claiming they’ve opened over 90 chests and not gotten a single one.

Luckily, since plenty of people are buying the chest for Faceless Rex or one of the other item sets, 25% of all Collector’s Cache purchases also go towards the prize pool. This explains the recent spike on the prize pool tracker.

Patrick Hancock
During the day, he teaches high school kids about history. At night he kicks their butts in competitive games like Rocket League, Dota 2, Overwatch, and Counter-Strike. Disclosure: I've personally backed Double Fine Adventure, Wasteland 2, Dead State, SPORTSFRIENDS, Torment: Tides of Numera, STRAFE, and The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls. I have previously written for and continue to support them whenever possible (like HumbleBundle).