Dorfromantik is a perfect fit for Nintendo Switch

Dorfromantik Nintendo Switch

Cozy up with this relaxing village-building game on Switch starting September 29

I don’t associate my PC or office space in general with “cozy vibes” β€” not now, and probably not ever. So it’s wonderful to hear that Dorfromantik, a minimalistic village-building game that’s out now on Steam, is coming to Nintendo Switch on September 29. In terms of low-stakes, just-let-me-unwind gaming, I can’t think of a better platform.

This news got buried in yesterday’s Gamescom deluge, but it’s worth highlighting today.

Dorfromantik is a game about building out a landscape by placing down randomly-drawn tiles β€” trees, houses, railroads, rivers β€” which connect in aesthetically pleasing ways. You’ll start small, piece by piece, but end up with a pleasant-looking land that streches far.

While it’s possible to play aimlessly, if you’re looking for more concrete goals, there are scores to chase, and achievements to work toward. There is a way to play strategically rather than just going with the flow. Zoey’s got a good breakdown in her PC review.

Speaking of which, PC players will be getting controller support in an update, presumably around the same time as the Nintendo Switch release of Dorfromantik.

Surprisingly, Dorfromantik is the first game from Toukana Interactive. With the way things seem to be going, I’m hoping the developers can take this success and run with it. In the shorter term, maybe that means more ports, potentially PlayStation, Xbox, iOS, and Android. Further out, though, I’d love to see where these game design concepts can go.

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