Doom’s crossover with Fall Guys includes Cyberdemon and Cacodemon outfits

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I didn’t expect us to talk about the Fall Guys x Doom crossover again until I could say the words “you can dress your bean to look like the Doom Slayer starting today,” but then this trailer happened. It turns out that we’re actually getting three costumes, not just the predictable Doomguy suit like we thought.

For a limited time starting on January 12, Fall Guys players will be able to score Cyberdemon and Cacodemon costumes in this silly game. I’m one-hundred percent going for the latter. You? This tie-in would be more momentous with a Doom level, but for now, I need to worry more about getting crowns.

Though I’ve only dabbled with Season 3 in a few sessions, I’ve enjoyed it – far more than Season 2.

Jordan Devore
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