Doom RPG headed to the DS?

Fifteen years ago, if someone were to have told me that id Software was working on a turn-based role-playing mobile phone game, set in the Doom universe, I would laughed. What ridiculous notions — playing videogames on a phone, and a turn-based Doom RPG! Hah!

As it turns out, the future is a strange place, and not only was there a turn-based Doom RPG for mobile phones, but it was — gasp — actually pretty good. For those of you without Java-based phones interested in getting in on the cacodemon slaughtering action, you might have your chance … on the Nintendo DS.

In a recent interview with Fountainhead’s Anna Kang, she mentions the desire to bring Doom RPG to Nintendo’s popular brain training device. In this mind-blowingly excellent interview, Kang also talks about developing games with her husband (one of Doom‘s daddies, John Carmack), and a possible Orcs and Elves for the Wii.

Nick Chester