Doom is now playable on an audio spectrogram, because why not?

Ooh, crackly.

A spectrogram showing the Doom cover split into three.

Oh, Doom. Is there any method by which you can’t be ported? Evidently not, it seems. The latest in a near-endless attempt to get id Software’s iconic FPS up and running on just about everything on the planet is one that will be music to your ears. Or not, as is the case.

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Over on Reddit, user wojtek-graj has made Doom completely playable…in audio. That is to say, they’ve managed to get it to run in a spectrogram, which is a visual representation of sound frequencies. Actually, I’ll let them give you the lowdown:

The game is displayed by generating an audio signal that can be viewed as a spectrogram, while input is taken from the microphone, with specific frequencies being mapped to specific keys.

They’ve also made the source code available on GitHub, as well as instructions on how to play it. So if you find playing the classic way a bit too passé, this is at least one alternative.

It will never end

There simply isn’t time in the known universe to go through all the different devices that can now run a 30-year-old shooter. Suffice it to say, it’s brought out a lot of creativity in people over the years. Here, someone has been wanting to get Doom to run on E. coli cells.

With the reboot coming out in 2016 and Eternal launching in 2020, the legendary id series has truly made a comeback.

Not that it ever really went anywhere. Sure, things looked a little uncertain with Doom 3‘s approach to more survival horror, but seeing the OG running on a spectrogram means – if nothing else – fans sure aren’t bored with Doom yet.

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