Doom II remix album released by OverClocked ReMix

Game music remix Web site OverClocked ReMix recently made headlines with their release of the Final Fantasy VII remix album Voices of the Lifestream. Now they’re back with a brand new Doom II remix collection.

Doom II: Delta-Q-Delta is OCR’s tribute to composer Bobby Prince’s work on the id first-person shooter, Doom II: Hell on Earth. This totally free fan-arranged album contains 13 songs from 11 remixer. You can grab the entire album as a torrent or nab any of the tracks individually.

The official project page for Doom II: Delta-Q-Delta contains streaming versions of each of the songs. 

This is a great little collection that features many of my favorite remixers like Ailsean, Mazedude, and Flik. Wouldn’t you love  to play the original game with these tracks? 

Good music for free. What are you waiting for?

Dale North