Doom Guy comes to Fall Guys as a BFB

The cutest demon murderer

You probably know that BFG stands for “Big Fucking Gun.” Did you know that the 2005 Doom movie retconned the acronym to mean “Bio Force Gun?” Other than that slight misstep, the movie is perfect.

Anyway, Fall Guys is about to get some Bio Force Beans.

Like Half-Life‘s Alyx, Portal‘s Chell, and Sonic‘s Sonic, Doom‘s demon-slaughtering protagonist seems set to join the Fall Guys roster of costumes:

Everyone is just accepting that this is Doom Guy (or Doom Slayer for those of you who have no regard or respect for history), but it could be, like, Iron Man or something. It’s probably not, though. This is almost certainly a Doom crossover.

I hope that’s The Rock’s shadow. That movie was too good.

Brett Makedonski
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