Doom Eternal will run at 60FPS even on base consoles, Stadia will not feature native 4K after all

Bully for consoles, bummer for Stadia

Just this week Bethesda updated the official Doom Eternal launch page, which gave us all sorts of handy info for the PC edition. 4K at 60FPS or 1440p at 120FPS? Yes please. But what about console and Stadia players? Well there’s good and bad news respectively.

According to Bethesda, Doom Eternal will run on Xbox One sampled-up to 4K from 1800p, but will retain 60FPS and HDR: it’s the exact same for the PS4 Pro. But wait, there’s more! Apparently the Xbox One and Xbox One S will also retain the 60FPS parameter, up-sampling to 1080p from 900p, while the base PS4 runs at 1080p at 60FPS: both support HDR. 60FPS even for base consoles is a huge win.

Stadia, unfortunately, isn’t going to be hitting a target promised last year. Although Doom Eternal was supposed to be the flagship native 4K title for the service, the listing confirms that Eternal will be up-sampled from 1800p to 2160p on 4K displays (with HDR). In other words, it’s not native.

Breaking this down, the PC edition will be the most impressive visually, followed by Xbox One X/Stadia, then PS4 Pro, then PS4, then Xbox One/Xbox One S. You can find the full list of specs for the console editions below, as well as the launch trailer. It’s nearly here!

Console Features [Slayer’s Club]

Console Features

Xbox One X

  • DOOM Eternal on Xbox One X will up-sample to 4K (2160p) from 1800p @60 FPS.
  • The Xbox One X version of the game also supports HDR.

PlayStation 4 Pro

  • DOOM Eternal on PlayStation 4 Pro will up- sample to 4K (2160p) from 1440p @60 FPS.
  • The PlayStation 4 Pro version also supports HDR.

Xbox One and Xbox One S

  • DOOM Eternal on Xbox One and Xbox One S will up-sample to 1080p @60 FPS from 900p.
  • The Xbox One S version of the game also supports HDR.

PlayStation 4

  • DOOM Eternal on PlayStation 4 will run at 1080p @60 FPS.
  • The PlayStation 4 version also supports HDR.


  • DOOM Eternal on Stadia will run at 1080p @60 FPS on HD displays and up-sample to 2160p from 1800p @60 FPS on 4K displays.
  • The Stadia version of the game also supports HDR.
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