Doom Eternal Switch is about 18GB, and with no physical release, good luck with space

May the force be with your memory card

As a reminder, Bethesda canned the physical release of Doom Eternal on Switch at this juncture. The same Doom Eternal port that’s due out in a few days on the eShop. Now that everything is all set, a Switch eShop page just opened for the game, which showcases a few more bits of key information: namely, the file size.

As stated on the eShop, it’s estimated at 17.5GB, base. But Bethesda’s site says differently, noting that it’s around 18.8GB (TBD), which could account for first-hand information of the day one patch. The first DLC campaign isn’t arriving on time on Switch for the launch of the port (it’s already available elsewhere), but that will pack even more on, not to mention all of the free updates Bethesda and id provide for Eternal as a whole.

It’s getting to the point where even with a larger SD card, I’m constantly deleting games to make space. One of the biggest selling points of the Switch is that physical games do not require users to install the entire thing to the HDD/SSD from the disc: a great way to save a lot of space that Xbox and PlayStation games otherwise take up.

While I completely understand the logistical nightmare of launching a physical product right now, I hope it does enter production eventually.

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