Doom Eternal is getting a Horde Mode instead of Invasion Mode

Doom Eternal

Bring on the demon hordes

Id Software announced a change to Doom Eternal‘s roadmap today regarding its free Invasion Mode update. Rather than Invasion, id Software will be working on a new single-player Horde Mode.

In a letter from executive producer Marty Stratton, he says both the impact of the pandemic and remote working, as well as how players have been enjoying the content of Doom Eternal‘s expansions and master levels, brought about the decision.

“We’re confident this Horde Mode will offer you more of the diversity and challenge you’re looking for in the game,” said Stratton.

He also confirms that the Doom team is working on a refresh of Battlemode with a more competitive, rank-based structure, some gameplay and balance updates, and a new map. More info will be shared at QuakeCon 2021 in August.

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