Doom 4 rears its Hellish head, looking for fresh souls to bring it to life

The father of FPS games, id Software, has revealed that the legendary Doom franchise is getting a new sequel in Doom 4. The game is currently in production, though so far there is no word on formats or a release date (PC can be pretty much assured, though).

The studio behind Doom, Quake and Wolfenstein has declared, however, that it is looking for new talent to work on this new sequel. This is, in fact, how the game was announced — a mere advertisment for talent, rather than some huge “WE CAN HAS DOOM” press release. How odd.

There are no details yet, but I wonder if this was the “bid daddy of secret AAA shooters” that I posted about only a few minutes ago that PSM3 promised to reveal next month. Remember how I said the Internet would have it first? That was bloody quick, even by Internet standards.

What do you reckon on this? Interested? I never got around to trying Doom 3, despite the average-to-great reviews. I really want to see Doom go back to its roots, with familiar enemies, settings and storyline all taking place in glorious hi-definition. That would make me very, very happy. Something about the re-imagined premise never quite sat well with me. Either way, I’m keeping on eye on this, and hopefully id does something to remind us why it was the FPS king — it’s certainly got a lot of competition these days.

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