Donut County sprinkles its joy onto Switch and Xbox today

I will not make the ‘rolls onto’ pun, I will not

Ironically, Donut County is a game without holes. Well, not strictly speaking. Donut County is a game about an ever-growing hole. But, it’s also a game without any real flaws — its inventive and creative spirit shining brightly as this sentient hole gobbles up everything in sight.

Today, Donut County‘s influence gets a little bigger. It’s spreading to both Switch and Xbox One at a price of $13. These ports come only a few months after it originally released on PC, PS4, and iOS in late summer.

We don’t have much bad to say about Donut County around here. This quick and quirky swallow-em-up puzzler won a lot of hearts around here. In fact, it’s good enough that we recently named it our Best Mobile Game of 2018. Not bad for a big ol’ hole.

Brett Makedonski
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