Don’t worry, the surprise Tempered Deviljho quest in Monster Hunter: World is coming back

Will return for the Spring Blossom Fest

Over the weekend Capcom dropped a surprise on its high-level players — a bout with a Tempered Deviljho. The Deviljho was always a given, but after the userbase noted that it was a bit too easy the publisher pulled the switch and unlocked the harder Tempered version without warning.

Some folks thought that this was their one window to get in on the action, but Capcom is reminding us that the harder fight will be included as part of the Spring Blossom Fest event. You’ll have from April 6 to April 19 to run it, among other event quests and the community effort to create the Wyvern Ignition Great Sword.

This is Monster Hunter: World‘s first major seasonal event, following bits of free and paid DLC like the Street Fighter V and Horizon Zero Dawn crossover events.

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