Don’t worry: Someone is already making a Shaggy mod for Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot


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Another Dragon Ball Z game, another Shaggy mod: it’s inevitable.

Despite the fact that the single-player focused Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot just came out a few days ago, intrepid modder Beatz is already making headway on their Shaggy mod. Revealed in a tweet, Beatz has the model basically finished, allowing Shaggy Rogers to take the place of Goku in the opening tutorial. They also have plans for Super Sonic and CJ from Grand Theft Auto.

In case you missed the whole Shaggy thing (liiiiike, that’s okay Scoob!), the notion that Shaggy can throw down like a Z Brawler came from this clip, and every anime modding community kind of ran with it through the years. Any chance to cover that Scooby-Doo beat!

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