Don’t worry, Final Fantasy XV will have fishing

More like Final Fishery, amirite?

That there is Prince Noctis Caelum, heir to the kingdom of Lucis and sometime fisherman, holding up a fresh catch. Look at that beauty dangling from his fingertips. It looks delicious. So delicious that Noctis’ traveling companion Gladiolus is touching the prince/sometime fisherman’s arm in a probably only slightly sexual way, while Prompto sneaks a peek at Noctis’ well toned buttocks.

I wonder what they’ll do with it. Maybe carve out some sashimi. Or toss some strips into a nice quinoa cabbage salad. The possibilities are endless, really. All it takes is a little imagination.

Maybe they’re just doing catch and release, which is sort of a humane practice, but is also basically torture. I wonder if that scaly mofo would rather the troupe of bros in black outfits just put him out of his mysery. The poor little guy probably feels like a fish out of water or something.

Yes, fishing is set to return in Final Fantasy XV. I think all games should have fishing; don’t you?

Kyle MacGregor Burleson