Don’t read any reviews of the latest Sam and Max episode


While chances are decent that you either (A) don’t care about the Sam and Max episodes or (B) have already downloaded it, or will in the next week, and wouldn’t have read a review anyway, I nonetheless consider it my civic duty to warn you that some of the early reviews for the newest episode (Reality 2.0) will spoil the endgame for you.

Reviews from both IGN and Gamespy (neither of whom I will link to, for fear that your curiosity will lead you to click on them) reveal not only some of the better jokes in the game, but also spoil (and, in IGN’s case, provide a screenshot of) the playable climax of the game.

For all my whining about review scores, I never bothered to mention one of the most important things any reviewer should always do, which is to never, under any circumstances, spoil the effing gameplay surprises. Especially if said gameplay surprise concerns the imaginatively playable final sequence of the game in question.

Don’t let this warning get your hopes up, however: the ending isn’t that surprising and fantastic, it’s just kind of neat and doesn’t deserve to be spoiled. Plus, it gives you one more reason to ignore IGN and Gamespy in favor of, you know, more hardcore video game journalists.


Anthony Burch