Don’t panic…yet: MTV Games say Rock Band 2 will be ‘fully featured’ on the Wii

Earlier today, we were sent a USA Today article about Rock Band (via Kombo) that contained an alarming snippet of info regarding Rock Band 2 for the Wii.

“Unfortunately, as with the first Rock Band,” USA Today’s Marc Saltzman wrote, “the Nintendo Wii and Sony PlayStation 2 versions of Rock Band 2 do not offer any Internet connectivity for multiplayer gaming or downloadable music.”

Before the Internet exploded with the anger of a million Wii owners, we went straight to the source. While MTV Games hasn’t revealed information on the Wii (or PlayStation 2) version of the title, they assure us that the comment is “untrue,” and that the Wii version of the title will “will definitely be fully featured.”

This is the same line we heard last month during Rock Band 2 Xbox 360 media tours, where the company was tight lipped on the version being made available for Nintendo’s console this holiday. For their sake, we hope it’s true — Activision Blizzard has already confirmed (and shown) a full featured version of their music title, Guitar Hero: World Tour, complete with functioning music sharing, online play, and (potential) downloadable content. 

We’ll keep you updated with more as soon as MTV Games and Harmonix reveal some official details.

Nick Chester