Don’t mind me while I pick my jaw up off the floor: new Fragile trailers

Let me tell you what watching these trailers makes me want to do (hit the jump to see the second one). I want to throw open all the windows in my house, throw my clothes to the winds, and sing the praises of Namco Bandai and tri-Crescendo for making a game that looks like Fragile come to life. Seriously, this is literally the exact type of title, from design to music to action, that puts me on the floor in a writhing tangle of joy, and I hope it may put some of you in the same state of fervor.

These new trailers not only show off more of the gameplay and music of Fragile, but confirm for me what I’ve already been suspecting: that this game ishovering dangerously close to being my most wanted title of 2009. It will be released this month in Japan, so I will be keeping my ear trained for any news on its US release. At that point, the clothes-hurling will commence.



Colette Bennett