Don’t let Yakuza: Like a Dragon slip through the cracks

Sega is pumping out trailers for Like a Dragon and this latest one covers next-gen ‘features’ like cutting-edge crustacean AI

I know, I know – November is packed. But try not to forget about Yakuza: Like a Dragon.

You don’t need to play it on November 10 – heck, you don’t even need to play it on an Xbox Series X (or on a PS5 when March rolls around) – but keep it on your “thinking about you!” list, at the very least.

That might go without saying for a lot of Destructoid readers who are well-versed in the Yakuza series and know what to expect. For everyone else, I hope this game can be a breezy entry point with its English dub (which is wild), its new party-leading hero, Ichiban Kasuga (who’s another lovable lug), and its new setting, Yokohama (which is significantly larger than our old stomping grounds in Kamurocho).

That’s to say nothing of the surprisingly fresh turn-based combat, which I recently previewed.

Really, this tongue-in-cheek “Next Generation of Yakuza” trailer says it all. No one is out there making games like Yakuza, and we shouldn’t take Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio for granted. It’s such a heartfelt series.

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