Don’t forget to Light Speed Dash constantly in Sonic Frontiers

Sonic Frontiers: How to Light Speed Dash

Press in the left analog stick near rings

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So Sonic Frontiers is out, and there’s a lot little nuances that don’t matter (especially with the variety of combat abilities), and there’s some that do. Making sure that you remember that the Light Speed Dash ability even exists can be huge in terms of minute-to-minute Frontiers play.

Unlike a heap of powers in Sonic Frontiers, that need to either be unlocked via the skill tree or story progression, you can Light Speed Dash immediately. All you need to do is press the left analog stick in when you’re near a trail of rings, and Sonic will instant micro-dash (without a boost meter requirement) toward said ring formation. You can use the Light Speed Dash to get some extra air when Sonic is falling, collect a lot of rings quickly during a fight, or solve some puzzles.

I literally played hours of the game not recalling that this technique existed. I even quickly an inadvertently did a load screen tutorial sequence with it, and still forgot about it for a bit! Given that it’s largely not needed to get around (double-jumping and a breezy R2/RT dash take care of that), it is easy to block out of your mind.

But like me, you’ll probably come across some situation where you’re falling and quickly remember: the Light Speed Dash exists.

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