Don’t forget to drop by your Animal Crossing museum for the Stamp Rally

There are stamps to collect for International Museum Day

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The latest Animal Crossing: New Horizons event is a reminder that we should all spend more time in the game’s decked-out, detail-rich, mind-massaging museum. I’m consistently blown away by how much care Nintendo put into the different wings. Seeing the museum come to life is such a satisfying reward for putting time and energy into collecting new specimens (and listening to Blathers drone on).

Speaking of, you should visit the old bean this week – New Horizons is hosting a Stamp Rally for International Museum Day from May 18 to May 31. You can earn a Bug Plaque, Fish Plaque, and Fossil Plaque to hang on your wall by collecting three stamps in the respective exhibits. You can only earn stamps for one category at a time, but it won’t take long to knock them all out back to back.

I’m glad we don’t have to worry about the art exhibit yet because mine is tragic. Maybe next year!

The Coast stamp

The timing here works out nicely, even if this particular event will be short-lived given its limited scope. After about two months of New Horizons, I’ve mentally switched to “maintenance mode,” so to speak.

I still have my final home loan to pay off and long-term interior design goals I want to work toward, sure, but on most weekdays, a hasty run-through is enough to scratch my Animal Crossing itch. I get in, dig up fossils, pick fruit, clear some low-effort Nook Miles+ goals, grab a message in a bottle, learn a villager’s recipe, pop a balloon, chat up the daily NPC vendor, and get out. That’s the cheat sheet.

There will be more events to participate in throughout the year (Wedding Season is up next on June 1), and there’s always monthly insect and fish arrivals to stress over, but other than that, I’ve cooled off.

Where are you at with New Horizons? Slowing down yet? Still burning the nights away?

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