Don’t be pissed, here comes Myst (to the PSP next week)

Myst. My sole memory of this game places me in my grandparents’ house when I was about six years old. I didn’t understand it then, and I don’t understand it now. Perhaps now is the time to finally get to grips with this isolating puzzle game, as it’s coming to the PSP via the PlayStation Network on July 16.

This downloadable version of Myst will contain the complete original game, and also adds in the New Rime Age,  a previously unreleased addition to the title. No word on a price yet, but one hopes it’ll be quite a bargain price. I definitely wouldn’t mind having this little brain-scrambler hiding in my PSP. 

PSN could stand to have some more old school puzzlers and PC adventure games. That’d really help give it an edge, and it’s exactly the kind of thing the PlayStation Network needs in order to help push the PSPgo as a worthy digital platform.

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