Donkey Kong Country Returns vid shows Rambi in action

We’ll have an all new preview of Donkey Kong Country Returns later today, but we couldn’t wait to show you this… it’s Rambi! Nintendo has revealed that one of Donkey and Diddy Kong’s animal friends that made an appearance in 2006’s 1994’s [Editor’s note: “2006”? Really? Derp.] Super Nintendo title Donkey Kong Country will make his return in, uh, Donkey Kong Country returns.

Rambi the Rhinoceros was spotted on the official box art for the game, and has been featured in damn-near every Donkey Kong game since the original Country. So I guess it’s not that surprising that he’s included as a rideable animal in returns. I guess it’s just nice to have confirmation we’ll get to see our old pal again when Donkey Kong Country Returns ships this November.

Nick Chester