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Dong Doom makes the 1993 classic more pleasurable than you might be ready for

Doom never felt so good.

Content creator Aaron Christophel is renowned for picking up any hardware with a screen and trying, often succeeding, to get Doom 1993 to run on it. His latest efforts have resulted in the most pleasurable version of any Doom game to date, and I have no idea how he’ll top it.

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In his latest video, Aaron Christophel shows how he managed to get Doom 1993 running on a Tifforun sex toy. This is the only one he says he could find that had a screen, so he took it apart and added a couple of new PCBs inside. This build has taken into account the product’s intended design, and now, the device adds new elements to the game that nobody has ever experienced.

Dong Doom brings the game to life in a whole new way

As you can see in the video above, “Dong Doom,” as Christophel calls it, uses the Tifforun device’s buttons for forward, backward, and sideways movements, with the last button firing your gun. Each shot causes a vibration from the built-in motor, and killing enemies triggers the product’s main feature. But only once.

Thanks to Tifforun’s innovative design, Dong Doom even has audio, though I have to say the most impressive feature is the game’s tangible haptic feedback. Christophel reused some of the main PCB the product came installed with but had to add others that were capable of running Doom 1993 and integrating every other feature with the title.

If you’re desperate to get your hands on one of these devices, then you can check Christophel’s video description because he’s included a direct link to it on AliExpress. He also references the work of Spritetm, a modding platform without which this entire project wouldn’t have been possible.

If you’re after a version of Doom 1993 that’s a little more PG-rated, then you could go for Christophel’s electric toothbrush build. Looking through his previous videos, you can see he’s managed ot get the game running on all sorts of hardware, including a wide advertising screen and a small payment module.

I don’t see how Christophel can outdo this port with handheld technology. I’d love to see him getting Doom 1993 running on a digital billboard in Times Square or something on an equally massive scale that juxtaposes all the tiny ports he’s made possible to date.

For now, his teardown posts on Twitter will have to suffice, and considering he’s even gone into depth about what’s inside an electric lawnmower, no technology seems to be out of the question.

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